Mid January, 2009

I trust you all had a blessed and safe holiday season.  And, of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here in Central Oregon, the weather turned ugly for Christmastime...it was extremely cold, windy, and snowy. In spite of that, our open times at the observatory had folks attend and they were able to view at least a few things.

What astronomy stuff was in your stockings?  In my household, my wife refuses to buy me anything astronomy-related.  "Why bother?" she asks, "you have the key to the observatory."  I wish that she would realize it's a forty-five mile journey each time and each way.  Oh well.

January, 2009 has given Central Oregon a surprise respite from the cold.  The temperatures from the ninth through today, the fifteenth,  have nudged the sixty degree mark.  Is winter over here?  I doubt it but it has been more than pleasant.

Speaking of the weather, for those who get up early in the morning (I mean before sunrise), have you noticed that some familiar stars are beginning to show?  The summer constellations that we see in July are appearing in the early dawn sky. A harbinger of hope that the long and cold winter nights are going to end.  Taurus, the Pleiades, Orion and Canis Major are spectacles in the night sky now.

We are open this coming weekend, January 17 and 18 for observing at night and also for solar observing on Saturday during the day.  The forecast is for good weather.  Fingers crossed. 

Bob has completed the inventory of all our stuff in the observatory.  Boy, are there a lot of great toys there.  We are blessed with donors who are more than generous.  We have some used equipment we're going to be selling and there's lots of in-stock unused stuff that we're ready to make a deal on (hey Bob, how about that 26 Nagler?).  Give the observatory a call at 541 598-4406 (or 866-598-4406 if you're out of town) and ask...you never know if what is on your wish list is on sale at Sunriver Astronomy Shop.

Let me remind you, I want to showcase images done by our members and visitors here in these blog pages.  If you have any you'd like to share, send them to me at Larry@astronomyshop.org or Larry@miniatureventures.com.  I can resize them if they are big files.

Here's another impressive shot by our own Tracy Brown.  This is of the comet Hale-Bopp over  Mt Hood.  tbb_images/hale_bopp_over_mt_hood.jpg  I remember this, do you?

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