Orion Eyepieces

Eyepieces focus the light coming from your telescope to your eye.  Along with the telescope optics, they determine the magnification of the image.

We use a lot of different eyepieces in the Observatory.  Just about every telescope manufacturer produces a line of eyepieces to complement their telescopes and other brands as well. Orion produces a range of affordable eyepieces, from low priced, "beginner's eyepieces" to extremely high quality eyepieces.

There are many different kinds of eyepieces and some have specific purposes.  Some amateur astronomers have cases of different eyepieces and others use a "minimalist approach" and only have three or four eyepieces in their kits. 

All Orion telescopes come with at least one eyepiece, others come with two.  Use this (these) eyepiece(s) learn your telescope. Then, get ready to take the plunge.  The staff at the Observatory can recommend eyepieces for your telescope and budget.  There are many Orion eyepieces that we can offer.


orion_sirius_plosslOrion Sirius Plossl

Think Plossl Eyepieces have to be expensive? Not so with the Orion Sirus Plossl line.
These are the eyepieces Orion commonly supplies with their telescopes.  These are
great eyepieces for the budget minded buyer! These are all 1 1/4 inch eyepieces.

6.3mm Sirius Plossl
7.5mm Sirius Plossl
10mm Sirius Plossl
12.5mm Sirius Plossl
17mm Sirius Plossl
20mm Sirius Plossl
25mm Sirius Plossl
32mm Sirius Plossl
40mm Sirius Plossl


orion_expanse_eyepiecesOrion Expanse Eyepieces

These are for a wide field 66degree apparent field of view buyers
with a budget in mind.  All Expanse eyepieces are 1 1/4 inch eyepieces
with good eye relief (13mm to 17mm).

6mm Expanse
9mm Expanse
15mm Expanse
20mm Expanse

set of four Expanse Eyepieces


orion_edge_on_planetaryOrion Edge-on Planetary Eyepieces

  • Mid- and high-magnification 1.25" eyepieces designed for exceptional planetary and lunar viewing
  • Flat field design ensures sharp focus out to the edge of their wide 55-degree apparent field of view
  • Each eyepiece has long 20mm eye relief for comfortable viewing even with eyeglasses on

3mm Edge-on Planetary
5mm Edge-on Planetary
9mm Edge-on Planetary
12.5mm Edge-on Planetary
14.5mm Edge-on Planetary


orion_epiced2_eyepiecesOrion Epic ED2 Eyepieces
  • Six-element lens design includes two elements of special "ED" glass for superior image quality
  • Luxuriously long 20mm eye relief at all focal lengths
  • Wide 55-degree apparent field of view
  • Fully multi-coated optics ensure excellent image brightness and contrast
  • Barrel diamter 1.25". Threaded for filters. One-year limited warranty

3.2mm Epic ED2
5.1mm Epic ED2
7.5mm Epic ED2
9.5mm Epic ED2
12.3mm Epic ED2
14mm Epic ED2
18mm Epic ED2
22mm Epic ED2
25mm Epic ED2


orion_stratusOrion Stratus Eyepieces

The Orion Stratus line of eyepieces has received rave reviews from all our customers who've purchased them.
The Stratus line sports a WIDE 68 degree field of view and a generous 20mmof eye relief--extremely important to eyeglass wearers. We find the
Orion Stratus to be less sensitive to off-axis eye placement than some other eyepieces with long eye relief. While some long eye relief eyepieces are prone to kidney beaning or blackout, we find the Orion Stratus to be less sensitive to these problems caused by off-axis eye placement.

We have found the 17mm and 21mm Stratus eyepieces superb in 8, 12, and 12 inch dobs!

3.5mm Stratus Wide Field
5mm Stratus Wide Field
8mm Stratus Wide Field
13mm Stratus Wide Field
17mm Stratus Wide Field
21mm Stratus Wide Field
24mm Stratus Wide Field


orion_q70Orion Q70 2" Super-wide Eyepieces

We use the Q70's a lot in our Observatory and we recommend them often, as well.
They are excellent quality 2 inch eyepieces with a Super-wide 70 degree apparent field of view.
  • Five multi-coated lens elements made of high index glass deliver sharp, high contrast vistas
  • Luxurious eye relief and parfocal design provide comfort and convenience
  • Beautifully made with machined housings, fold-down rubber eyeguards, and chrome plated barrels

26mm Q70 Super-wide
32mm Q70 Super-wide
38mm Q70 Super-wide

set of 3 Q70 Eyepieces


orion_illuminated_plosslOrion 12.5mm Illuminated Plossl Eyepiece
  • This 4-element Plossl is well suited for off-axis guiders where light gathering is minimal
  • Great for accurate polar alignment
  • Fully multi-coated lenses, 40-degree apparent field
  • LED-illuminated double crossline reticle has adjustable focus and brightness
  • SR-54 batteries included. 1.25"


5mmilluminated_reticleOrion Ultrascopic 5mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece

  • Provides high magnification for better guiding accuracy in long-exposure astrophotography
  • Multi-coated lens system for crisp, bright images
  • Reticle brightness is adjustable
  • 1.25", helical focus
  • SR-44 batteries included