Orion Telescopes & Binoculars is a company with thirty-three years of experience providing amateur astronomers with quality telescopes and accessories. They have built their reputation with not only quality products but also a promise to sell affordable products with a 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction. 

At the Observatory we use many Orion products.  Since we cater to beginner astronomers, we need products that will be reliable, easy to use, and not too hard on the pocketbook.  In our "dob farm" we have many sizes of Orion newtonian telescopes for "hands-on" use by our guests.  We use a number of different Orion eyepieces, filters, and binoculars regularly in our "working showroom".  Our staff is knowledgeable about many Orion products and we don't hesitate to recommend them for purchase---at a GREAT PRICE!



When most people think of a telescope, they think of a
REFRACTOR.  A refractor telescope focuses light
coming from where the telescope is aimed through one or
more lenses and the light beam narrows to come out through the
other end of the telescope.  Orion sells many versions of this
telescope including achromatic and apochromatic refractors.


Newtonian Reflector telescopes use mirrors to focus light back
to the eyepiece.  Because mirrors are easier to build in large
sizes, the telescopes are very affordable.


Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes utilize both mirrors and
a lens (meniscus lens)  to focus light into a smaller area.
Maksutov-Cassegrains offer superior contrast image and are ideal
for lunar and planetary observation.


When looking for a telescope with the "biggest bang
for the buck", choose the Orion SkyQuest Classic
Dobsonian.  A Dobsonian is a Reflector Telescope
on a sturdy, simple base.  The XT Classic utilizes a
parabolic mirror with the solid mount to offer a
"point and view" telescope at an extremely
affordable price.


The Intelliscope Dobsonian, the Orion XTi,  is one of the
most popular Dobsonians sold today.  The Intelliscope features
a very stury mount with built-in tension controls and a
computerized hand-controller that allow you to "push-to"
the desired object with 100% accuracy and no motors
or batteries to die or fail.

Cassegrain-type, or catadioptric, telescopes offer versatility and
high magnifying power.  They employ both mirrors and lenses
that fold the light path, allowing a compact tube length

By using a filter to selectively block and transmit
 portions of the visual spectrum, you will notice a
huge difference  in the amount of detail you're
able to see in astronomical objects
. Orion sells
a variety of filters to help the views of
 just about any celestial and terrestial object.


Orion offers a line of entry-level astro-imaging cameras
and accessories to capture breath-taking photos
of the moon, the planets and the deep-sky.


Orion offers a selection of telescope mounts, including
both altazimuth and German equatorial mounts. At the Observatory,
we are especially impressed by the Atlas EQ-G go-to German
equatorial mount for its smooth operation
and forty pound capacity.

In many cases, the best "first telescope" is a binocular.
Orion offers a line of enty-level hand-held and
large aperture binoculars that are extremely
useful in learning the night sky and to scan the heavens
(or the earth). 


Eyepieces focus the light from a telescope into the final image
and determine (along with the telescope's optics)
the magnification of the image. Orion offers eyepieces for
every budget and function.

Orion, being an "all-in-one" telescope and binocular company
offers accessories of all types to enhance the viewing experience.
these accessories include finder scopes and diagonals as well as
collimating tools and flashlights.  If you think of an accessory you
need, chances are Orion has it.


When the sky is cloudy or rainy and you have a
yearning to "do astronomy" there is no finer way
to fill your time than to pick up a book.
There are books that will guide you through the
beginnings of the astronomy hobby and books
full of technical advice to improve your
observing or astrophotography.
Here's a small selection of books offered by Orion.