Sky Spot books publishes a series of books specifically designed to use with the TELRAD object finder.  These brilliant books by Brett Watson use the telrad bullseye

to help locate objects in the night sky.


The charts are fully laminated and in a "flip page" (spiral bound) style so they lay flat.  The printing is black on white so they are easy to read under red light.  These charts are an indispensable tool for any amateur astronomer both beginning and advanced!  We use them nearly every night at the Observatory to locate objects that we don't view regularly.

skyspot_messier The Messier Objects by Brett Watson

2 volumes covering 110 Messier Objects

skyspot_overlookedOverlooked Objects by Brett Watson

50 NGC and other objects all located using the Telrad bullseye.

skyspotselectdoublestarsSelect Double Stars by Brett Watson

50 Double Stars located using the Telrad bullseye.

skyspot_brighttelescopeobjectsBright Telescope Objects by Brett Watson

35 bright objects located using the Telrad bullseye.  Many of these are the brights objects located in the above books.


Books and Maps