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TeleVue eyepieces are among the finest oculars that can be purchased.  At Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory, we carry the full line of TeleVue eyepieces.


TeleVue Ethos

The newest TeleVue line of eyepieces available in 6mm, 8mm,13mm, and 17mm sizes.  All Ethos give a 100 degree apparent field of view!  We use the 13mm and the 8mm in our telescopes in the observatory and the eyepieces have received rave reviews from our public and our staff.  The 8mm and the 13mm Ethos are available now.  The 6mm and the 17mm Ethos will be available after the first of the year, 2009.  We really look forward to using the 17mm Ethos.

6mm Ethos 1 1/4"
8mm Ethos 2"/1 1/4"

13mm Ethos  2"/1 1/4"
17mm Ethos 2"

TeleVue Nagler Eyepieces

These are among the favorite eyepieces used at SRNC&O.  We have on hand in the observatory virtually the entire line-up of Naglers to use during our public viewing sessions.  Remember, our sales floor is our observatory!  Favorite eyepieces in this line are the 12mm t4, the 17mm t4, the 26mm t5 and the 31mm t5.  All these eyepieces have an 82° apparent field of view.  Our observatory director, Bob, most often recommends the 12mm t4 Nagler for a workhorse eyepiece.  Many agree with him.

2.5mm type 6 Nagler 1 1/4"
3.5mm type 6 Nagler 1 1/4" $290.00

5mm type 6 Nagler 1 1/4"

$290.00 7mm type 6 Nagler 1 1/4" $290.00
9mm type 6 Nagler 1 1/4"

$290.00 11mm type 6 Nagler 1 1/4" $290.00
12mm type 4 Nagler 1 1/4"/2"

13mm type 6 Nagler 1 1/4" $290.00
16mm type 5 Nagler 1 1/4"

17mm type 4 Nagler 2" $395.00
20mm type 5 Nagler 2"

22mm type 4 Nagler 2" $480.00
26mm type 5 Nagler 2"

31mm type 5 Nagler 2" $640.00

TeleVue Panoptic Eyepieces

With the Panoptic series, TeleVue has taken the Wide-Field concept to Nagler-like performance levels - A meaningful advance over any eyepiece in its 68° apparent field class.  We regularly use all the Panoptic eyepieces in the observatory.  We especially like the 41 pan in our 20" Ritchey and the 27 pan in our 18 NGT!

19mm Panoptic 1 1/4" $245.00
24mm Panoptic 1 1/4" $310.00

27mm Panoptic 2" $345.00

35mm Panoptic 2" $380.00
41mm Panoptic 2" $510.00

TeleVue Radian Eyepieces

For observers who look for long eye relief and tack sharp views, TeleVue Radian Eyepieces are just the ticket.  The Radians have a 60° apparent field of view with a generous 20mm eye relief!

3mm Radian 1 1/4"

4mm Radian 1 1/4" $250.00
5mm Radian 1 1/4"-

$250.00 6mm Radian 1 1/4" $250.00
8mm Radian 1 1/4"

$250.00 10mm Radian 1 1/4" $250.00
12mm Radian 1 1/4"

$250.00 14mm Radian 1 1/4" $250.00
18mm Radian 1 1/4"


TeleVue Zoom Eyepieces

Since the time of Galileo, short-focal-length (hence high-magnification) eyepieces have been notoriously difficult to look through. That has changed in recent years, especially with the introduction of Tele Vue's line of Radian eyepieces (a 1999 Hot Product). The new Tele Vue zoom is small, lightweight, and offers the same magnifications (with click-stop settings) as four Radians while maintaining a constant focus and 50° apparent field. It also lets observers choose in-between focal lengths, thus giving them the ability to tune the magnification to atmospheric conditions, which is very critical for high-power viewing. Although the zoom's 10-millimeter eye relief isn't long enough for eyeglass wearers, it is enough to make this a very comfortable eyepiece to look through. The 8mm-24mm click zoom is an OUTSTANDING  EYEPIECE for solar viewing!!!

2mm-4mm Nagler Zoom 1 1/4"

3mm-6mm Nagler Zoom 1 1/4" $385.00
8mm-24mm click Zoom- dioptrx ready


TeleVue Plossls

TeleVue Plossls, designed by Al Nagler, have been a recognized benchmark of performance and value in the class of 50° apparent field of view eyepieces.   These are certainly not the most inexpensive plossls on the market however, TeleVue continues to believe that quality, performance, and consistency will ultimately reward you with the most value for your dollar. They are superb eyepieces and were the top rated Plossls in a Sky and Telescope Test Report!  The 32mm TeleVue Plossl is one of the FINEST 32mm's money can buy!  We regularly use the 55mm TeleVue Plossl  for extremely wide views in the Observatory.

8mm  1 1/4"    50° fov   8mm eye relief

11mm 1 1/4"   50° fov   8mm eye relief $85.00
15mm 1 1/4"   50° fov  17mm eye relief

$85.00 20 mm 1 1/4"  50° fov  14mm eye relief $99.00
25mm  1 1/4"  50° fov  17mm eye relief

$99.00 32mm 1 1/4"   50° fov  22mm eye relief $118.00
40mm 1 1/4"   43° fov  28mm eye relief

55mm 2"         50° fov  38mm eye relief $235.00


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